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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
I have filed with RECOL.

Also, submarineman said Drew bought a gun from him on May18, the same day my payment was accepted. Whether this has anything to do with the issue I am not sure.
I'll post the same thing I did at ANB.

Don't even fucking START on my new gun. I had to save up for 6 months just to afford that thing. I had been hunting for the right gun for 3 weeks once I had enough money saved and got a bonus from work. And I was trying to get ahold of submarineman for days before he finally got back to me. I had to end up making this new ASC account so that I could PM him on here because he was more active here. And I couldn't use my Ddelz account because, you know, it was FUCKING STOLEN. Which is what I've been saying now a million times.

And my actual "Ddelz" account was Age Verified. Submarineman didn't sell a gun to someone underaged, don't drag him into this.

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Just to clarify, where you dealing with "Ddelz" or "Bonesy"
It was Bonesy. Submarineman can confirm this with you, but he said he's busy so I figured I'd post this now to get that out of the way.

Here's a pic of the quote pyramid between us in PMs:

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