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Originally Posted by computerguy307 View Post
ok thanks for your sugestions yes i herd about it being crap but yes i am under 18 and it will work for now until im redy for higher fps(thats coming soon enghof) just have to find the feild for me and my buddys first, anyone know a airsoft feild in fort mac alberta.?
Ft. Mac.... I don't really know of a big community there but I believe there are a few people who play up there (I was looking into it when I was looking at working at Suncor/Syncrude for a summer job), not sure if they'll identify themselves or not though. HOWEVER, if you're up for a trip to Edmonton there is a youth group that plays called "EASY group" (Edmonton Airsoft Youth) that will accept under 18 and I believe there are a few 18+ members that support it and like how they run things.

Anyways, just wait a few years and you'll be fine but if you insist on shooting in the backyard or w/e then do it safely and have your parents supervise.

I'm pretty sure though that in Ft. Mac most of the players are the ones doing the "compressed work week rotation" thing where they work for 2 weeks really hard and get 2 weeks off and go back to their hometown.
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