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Silencers and Silencer Adapters, VSR 10

Hi everyone, so I purchased a vsr 10 clone, the socom gear r700 and am going to dump a fair bit of cash into upgrading and such. So as my first batch of upgrades I was going to get the cosmetic things, like the scope mount and a silencer but I had a couple of questions that I failed to find already posted on here. Ok so I was planning on buying this silencer

King Arms Light Weight 200mm Silencer (14mm CW / CCW)

and this silencer adapter

King Arms Silencer Adapter for Marui VSR-10 (14mm CCW)

Alright, so stupid question time :
1. What is the difference between CCW and CW silencers/adapters
2. I checked the list of canada legal airsoft equiptment and noticed that suppressors were not alloud, but then on other canadian websites they sell the same silencers. Is it a mistake that its prohibited because it makes no sense that you can't import it but can buy the same thing?

So in conclusion will this order get siezed? and also if anyone has expereince with the socom gear r700 clone is this stuff all compatible (I just want to be reasurred with that if you can )

Anyways sorry for the stupid questions and big paragraph or two of reading but I truely do appreciate any time taken for a response guys.

Thanks many in advance


BTW: The reason I won't just order the silencer from a Canadian retailer and save the hassle is because I can't find the cheaper vsr 10 rail and the silencer/adapter on the same website in stock and if I can would like to just order from one website at the same time

EDIT:: The point in the silencer is just for running a PDI 6.01 554mm inner barrel through it once I get a little more cash for my accuracy batch of upgrades.

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