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Originally Posted by computerguy307 View Post
ok thanks for your sugestions yes i herd about it being crap but yes i am under 18 and it will work for now until im redy for higher fps(thats coming soon enghof) just have to find the feild for me and my buddys first, anyone know a airsoft feild in fort mac alberta.?
How old are you exactly?
If you are 16+ you should probably be able to find a field in Fort McMurry (a decent sized city). You definitely do not want use that on the field, you will be severely outclassed.

About the FPS, higher velocity, in many situations is less important for increasing range than hop-up. While a 400FPS gun with a perfectly tuned hop-up can shoot farther than a 300FPS gun with a perfectly tuned hop-up, a 260FPS Marui can shoot farther than a 400FPS CYMA gun, which probably says something.

When you are 18, I would advise getting AV'ed here and/or buying a gun from or

Also, your grammar, and spelling is terrible. Having good grammar makes you appear professional and older, and people speaking like you are generally frowned on.

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