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Originally Posted by computerguy307 View Post
Yes it is from walmart but still can i replace my battery and get a higher ROF and not damage my gun or not.

Link to the gun from walmart also avalible on buyairsoft.
That gun is a piece of crap. Though it is a marui clone (I've handled one), it has a plastic gearbox.

Saying, probably the opposite of what others might say, I've actually had a friend run his for about 20k rounds on a 11.1v 20C LiPo. Even though he did it, it's probably more luck than reliability for the gun (like the video of a WELL p90 surviving a LiPo torture test). I probably wouldn't want to put a LiPo in that gun.

If you've already bought it. Just go out to a game, to get a grip of what real airsoft is like. Then you could decide whether to invest into airsoft or not (you need to be 18+, or 16+ in some places).
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