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Originally Posted by Bonesy View Post
The 1911 thing was settled as far as I was concerned, I mailed Drake my side of the story, and sent 3 PMs afterwards asking what would happen, he never got back to me. That's not my fault. I tried settling it.
Let me just go ahead and correct you there: you sent a reply to my PM asking for your side of the story, with your side of the story. You sent a 2nd PM outlining how he was apparently re-selling the same gun, but making no mention of the problems with the mags (valid point), and when your name was posted on this thread, a 3rd PM asking me to "DO SOMETHING about this bastard."

There were some potential wrongdoings on behalf of both parties and an apparent lack of willingness to negotiate. The situation was certainly "resolved" but not enough evidence to establish a clear fault on party rather than the other. Staff can only do so much to mediate these situations.

While this was still ongoing, the additional sales threads went up which caught the staff's attention -- which leads to where we are now.

The trade dispute with the 1911 is not issue being addressed here.

As previously stated, everyone who got defrauded needs to contact the authorities and file a report. EMTs and/or PayPal transactions attached to that email address are linked to real world banking info: LET LAW ENFORCEMENT DO THEIR JOB AND TRACK DOWN WHOM THE REAL CULPRIT IS.

This fucking ASC lynch mob shit is really getting on my nerves. If you're going to level accusations at someone you better have evidence to back it up (and no, your Hardy Boys mystery solving skills don't count).
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