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Originally Posted by Brokenwings View Post
Rude much or is it just me?
Well considering everyone else is shouldering him away and telling him to just buy a new gun, I don't blame his attitude. Everyone needs to calm down - the guy's just asking for a little help.

First, MaseTheAce - where are you located?

Second - Take the shell of the gun apart; it's a good learning experience. I learned to fix my own guns by first taking a few apart. Just be sure that you remember (make a diagram if necessary) where everything goes again.

Third - let us know where you get from there, by just examining first. Could be a stripped part or something could just be snapped internally.

Fourth - Know that people aren't here to flame you (contrary to popular belief). Some people charge an arm & a leg to even look at guns, let alone fix them for you. So there is some truth behind what people are saying about it not being worth the time and money to give the gun to a doc.

Finally - Get Age Verified. It's good to have regardless, and gives you full access to the community. I've been helped by people selling similar guns to mine in the classifieds, who have repaired the gun in order to sell it. You never know where you'll find help!

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