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Originally Posted by thabow View Post
I didn't enjoy that at all, with all these regular threats no wonder Ddelz isn't in a big hurry to help If it turns out that someone can prove that their cash went straight to Drew Munn and not just his ASC account then, I'll be the one showing up at his door. Otherwise I won't condemn him or anyone else. Sure it's unlikely that his account got hacked but that doesn't mean it didn't happen and it does explain why none of these Ad's showed up on ANB or any other local sites. I'm still in contact with some of the guys who got ripped off and I'll still do my best to help find who's responsible but what I won't do is jump on the band wagon just because everyone else is.

I've known Ddelz for two years now and nothing like this has ever happen before. That's not to say it didn't or that he's not responsible but the benfit of living in a free society is the requirement of proof to condemn someone.

you shouldn't make threats aZn_triXta07, especially when you have no idea who it is your making threats about.

and are any of you going to actually get up and call the cops already so we can find out who's to burn?
Alot of the senior members here on this board "knew" somebody here for years and when that individual was arrested etc. everybody was shocked and utterly surprised.

He's not in a "big hurry" you say? Well considering that his credibility is on the line I say it's something he should get to it and clear up real fast, if he doesn't give a damn it sure shows he doesn't CARE most instances that means he ENJOYS running away from his problems or he's just plain GUILTY.

It's real damn easy to run away on the Internet because you hide behind a keyboard but once your personal information gets out the doors will close on you FAST.

Originally Posted by Bonesy View Post
So aZn_triXta07, because I'm not an idiot when it comes to a computer, me getting hacked is automatically not true? Yeah, that makes sense.

Basically, I'm not dealing with this bullshit anymore. I didn't do shit, it doesn't concern me, so I've got nothing to worry about. I tried to be nice and help out, considering I probably have the best chance of finding out who it was(and I have a pretty good idea, but I won't start that shit here).

The continued threats I've been getting and your asshole posts here have gone to far. I know everyone's all pissed off and just wants to blame someone, but think about what you do before you try to fuck up someone else's life.
So when shit hits the fan you RUN AWAY!?

Nice, very immature and shows you can't man up and deal with problems.

If you're really innocent you'll stick it through.

But this isn't the first time you've run away from problems, your initial transaction with the OP here was never positively resolved and your doing it again.

As I already said above to your friend if you were really innocent you'd give a damn about your name. You already broke another rule by creating a second account because your Ddelz account was 'tarnished' which is freaking bull.

This really shows how little credit anybody here can give you, it also reaks of GUILTY, yeah I know actual proof is needed to show that the money went straight to you blah blah blah but there's been other speculations and reports about your recent activities done with money you would normally not have.

If this were the old ASC you would have been BANNED long time ago, your threads would have not survived the first hour in which they were posted.
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