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Drew, its not a good idea to ignore this man. If your innocent in this then you need to fight back. Otherwise the ball will land squarely at your feet. No one's trying to "fuck your life up", these people are victims of a crime and are seeking to resolve the issue, you claim that you yourself are a victim in this and thus should be seeking to resolve it as well. Anyone not beliving your claims means shit, because you've made your claim and its up to the Police to determine who is responsible not me, not you, not "them" so relax and think about the steps you need to take to resolve this and follow through.

Everyone involved in this here is the contact information for Economic Crimes.
This is the reporting call center for Internet Scam's. Call this number first they will help explain things and record the information pertaining to this scam.

This is the website you can goto afterwards to report the actual crime. You can file it on the website or call 1888-495-8501 and file over the phone.

The RCMP takes this stuff very seriously. Internet fraud and crime is a huge problem and they investigate local cases like this to the fullest extent possible.

Don't wait much longer.

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