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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Unfortunately no.

Well what do I tell the police/RCMP/etc? I don't have much, if anything. Basically an email address.

And it might be Bones/DDelz that's responsible since it was his account. Should I give them his info then?
give them all the info you have and tell them what you know, more or less you're asking them wha name is attached to that email and where it's located (IP address) once you have that we might at least have a better idea of who it was

Also I think it should be established that the trade dispute between jareyes and ddelz is over a 1911 and the question is whether or not the gun was shipped broken or not. jareyes says it was and Ddelz says it wasn't but niether of them have the right pm's that prove it, and that's where that one stands.

as for the rest, the question isn't whether or not someone used the Ddelz account to scam people out of their money, it's who did the money go to.

so let's please not use facts from one thing for the other. what happen with jareyes and Ddelz still has to be resolved but if the account was in fact hacked, then it has nothing to do with the rest of these disputes.

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