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Originally Posted by jareyes View Post
I thoroughly enjoyed reading that post trixta.

I don't know how the other disputes were handled or how they're going to turn out, but I can say at least for my own experience with Ddelz (before this whole load of "I got hacked" bull) he did not handle the dispute between us well at all.

Immediately, after receiving my payment, he bought another gun with said payment. After I had suggested the idea of a refund, he essentially claimed that he could not do it because he was too far into debt. Yeah well no shit you're going to be in debt if you're using newly acquired money to buy new toys instead of getting your shit straight.

For everyone that's had to put up with this guy, I agree that you guys should go after him hard.
I didn't enjoy that at all, with all these regular threats no wonder Ddelz isn't in a big hurry to help If it turns out that someone can prove that their cash went straight to Drew Munn and not just his ASC account then, I'll be the one showing up at his door. Otherwise I won't condemn him or anyone else. Sure it's unlikely that his account got hacked but that doesn't mean it didn't happen and it does explain why none of these Ad's showed up on ANB or any other local sites. I'm still in contact with some of the guys who got ripped off and I'll still do my best to help find who's responsible but what I won't do is jump on the band wagon just because everyone else is.

I've known Ddelz for two years now and nothing like this has ever happen before. That's not to say it didn't or that he's not responsible but the benfit of living in a free society is the requirement of proof to condemn someone.

you shouldn't make threats aZn_triXta07, especially when you have no idea who it is your making threats about.

and are any of you going to actually get up and call the cops already so we can find out who's to burn?
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