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I call shenanigans on this guy, sounds completely full of it.

Judging at the fact that Ddelz original transaction was NEVER resolved in a positive manner that should just ring some bells. I initially inquired about the KW M93Rs he had for sale, since his profile had listed Mississauga I had hope to do a local deal cash in hand, but no I got a PM asking for EMT ...major bells started clicking off .. I contacted Drake to inquire about his previous transaction and this is what came up.

DDelz has been using proxies for the longest time, this guy does programming with games and stuff no? Proves he's not some dumb bloc behind a keyboard, it's extremely easy to scam on the Internet.

All he had to do was setup some new email addresses, probably open a seperate account again ..masking his IPs then advertise items for sale at EXTREMELY low prices.

Ddelz of course you never had any of the items that were listed, there were no ACTUAL photos of the items ...the M93Rs ...the G17s for $300 as someone who's seen the costs of items direct from overseas there's NO effing way you'd sell something like that for those prices. Hell even Army Navy doesn't even carry a number of those items and would never sell for those prices, I don't even think there's any other sources on the East Coast for airsoft direct from Asia.

To all those who have been scammed you have his information go hard on his ass, contact the RCMP and RECOL don't give him ANY slack. Atlantic Airsoft guys are awesome I'm sure they'll help you out in resolving this issue too.

Hey Ddelz, if you're so damn broke ass and living from paycheck to paycheck how the hell can you afford to move from NB to Ontario then to Calgary all within the span of 4 months? Afford rent, transportation, living costs. Seriously?

Congratulations though, you preyed on the trusting people of AirsoftCanada to help fund whatever it is you've bought with that money but you dismissed the fact that AtlanticAirsoft is SMALL it's not hard to pick things out ...fuck are you that desperate for cash? Maybe you should go back to school, get a student loan then make some money.

As of now you're seriously fcuked, you probably have some poor money management skills and already blown the money you've got for scamming everybody ...shit do you even have a good line of credit? DAMN how you going to pay everybody back? Try to disappear? Go where? Got a car? Can you afford gas? Insurance? What do you have some brokeback 92 honda civic thats falling apart?

If I were you stop playing this fcuking innocent "I got hacked" routine and own up already, this shit's going to get investigated and your fucked either way.

I hope bean goes over and breaks your knees.
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