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Originally Posted by HKGhost View Post
Why is it better to use bearings instead of solid bushing for 8mm? I've always believed that solid bushing was better because there is a less chance of failure. I was told that bearings are only good for high ROF and solid bushing are best for high FPS. I'm only sticking with my 8mm bearings because I'm not running a high ROF and I don't have any problems with them.
There is myth behind that, Any thing move should use ball bearing. It has been develop since 1890 or and almost everything has been tried. We're just simply follow and develop.

There is a reason why 8 mm should use ball bearing. In 6 mm, It would cost WAY much expensive to make good ball in those size so 8 mm is pretty decent size for ball bearing to be effective. In RC car, they have been using ball bearing before us. 8 mm or 9 mm bearing can be sustain enough stress with M170 spring, so your 400 fps would be fine.

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