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Modify Torus Mechbox

Super quick review- no pics.

I just installed a torus reinforced v2 7mm box. It was the easiest box build I've ever done. Went for 7mm vs 8mm because I use bushings, not bearings.
Everything was super clean. Nice matte finish.
Kit comes with torx screws and a key as well as a special tappet plate.

The front of the box has thick rails along the inside just below the cylinder to help stop the v2 front from blowing off, as it commonly does. It looks solid. The only difference between the included tappet and a regular modify v2 are small slots cut out of the arm that holds the nozzle. These could easily be ground out of a regular tappet.

I needed a bushing press to get them in and they sit flush both inside and out. They left a lot of room for shims. I like that. It lets me really fine tune the shim job.
I had to cut some plastic off of the trigger assembly to get it to fit around some of the screw holes but it's an old stock jg trigger assembly and other brands might fit easier.

All the screw holes were perfect. The anti reverse goes in easy and stays put because of a nice little bit of extra metal. Trigger was the same. Easy as hell to close because everything stays inline.

It has big open spots above the gears so you can grease and inspect everything.

Body fits snug around it, lower receiver lines up nicely.

I did have some major issues getting the box to properly connect with the hop up sleeve.
I have a metal jg mp5 body and after much fiddling, I had to shim the hop-up body back; the box down and forward.
This was kind of expected. Metal bodies can be finicky.
I think that in m4s with the spring loaded hop-up body, this problem wouldn't happen.

Overall, the box is the nicest I've ever worked on or seen.

Definitely buy it. All the Modify stuff I've used has been great.

R.I.P to my old stock first-gen jg box. That thing was a trooper. 3 years and probably a quarter million bbs, most of them on lipo at 390 fps. Won't be lending this gun out again. First box I've ever broken.

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