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Airsoft-Club and Gear

Airsoft-Club is a new retailer to our site and I figured that I'll do a small review and share my experience. The site is was easy to navigate and sorting categories was a cinch. From the day my payment was cleared til today when it was ready to be picked up was about 8 days. Not bad coming from Hong Kong. So on with the review.

I was a little concern when the CP worker handed me this package. It looked like it was kicked around and things could be missing or damage. When I got all the strapping off, I was shocked that it was shipped in a letter envelope with the little string and button closure thing.

Upon opening, I was relieved that everything was intact and that my items was sealed in a plastic wrap. I flipped the package around and to my surprise, there was a little card that said "Free Gift", YAY .

So I took a good look at all the items to confirm that it was what I ordered and that nothing was damage. It was all good.

So the main review is the mag pouch that Airsoft-Club sell. A lot of people are concern about the built quality and is it too good to be true? The triple mag pouch here was only $6.99 and at that price, I figured that it would be a POS. To be honest, it's not that bad and for the price, I don't care if it gets damaged or dirty. If you're playing only a few games a season or on a budget, this is pretty good for the money. Here I'm comparing it side by side with my Eagle Industries mag pouch (Eagle on the right) and on my Eagle Plate Carrier.

The pouch has a feature that I find very useful and wished my Eagle pouch had. The flap is removable so you have easy access to your mags without having to fumble around with the Velcro.

So over all I was very pleased with my purchase and the pouch is pretty good so far. I'll do a quick update after I put the pouch through a few games and some stress test. The colour on the site looked a lot like my Eagle plate carrier but side by side, you can see that it is off. My plate carrier is Khaki and the pouch is CB so I kinda knew it was off. But the site picture looked the same. Any hoo, that's my review and thanks for reading.
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