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Wow, wtf? I'm glad Thabow linked me to this thread because the hate emails I got today were kind of confusing.

First off, yes, I'm Bones/Ddelz.

Secondly, as far as I knew, my account "Ddelz" had been banned for well over a month now. That's why I had to make this one not too long ago when I was trying to get ahold of a member here.
I didn't feel that getting banned over that one guy's bullshit claims about my 1911 I sold him was fair at all. So I made this account. I even have proof that he's a liar when he claims in here that "both mags leak" and blah blah blah. Yet, when he tried to sell the same 1911(for $100 more than he bought it for, no less) he posted in his sales thread that "I never had a chance to test the mags" and insinuating that they should be fine.

The info Rugger_can posted is all me, yeah. But this shit about me selling G36s and other shit? What the hell? I've never owned those guns, nor did I ever sell them for a "friend".

After reading through this thread it's pretty clear that someone took over my account somehow. I'd use the term "hack" but that's not likely, more like a password guess.

Think about this for a second... Do you REALLY think I'm THAT stupid, to start scamming people on my own AV'd account? That has ties to my actual address and information? Using a proxy, what the hell is that supposed to do for me? ASC already knows my address and REAL IP.

Clearly some nitwit tried to cover up his own location while using my shit.

The first thing that struck me as odd was when Thabow told me about a week ago or so that my location had been changed to Toronto.

I'm sorry that some asshole decided to pull this crap ripping you guys off and tarnishing my name, but I'm the victim here too. It's not too great to wake up to threats from people you've never even spoken to before.

Thinking back on it now, I'm pretty sure I wasn't banned over the 1911, because I just got login errors and not a message stating that. They probably changed my password because it says the same thing when I try to log in now.

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