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Originally Posted by venture View Post
The formation of that forum (airsoftnewbrunswick) was a direct result of a rift created in the nb airsoft community. Poor airsoft etiquette and illegal activity on the field caused a huge dispute and subsequent banning of the founders/membeds of airsoftnb.

A search of the atlantic airsoft forums will yield more info.

The behavior of this seller reminds me of an ongoing dispute on . Search for cruddy horizon and gear_box in the buy and sell discussion forum. That situation is also very messy.

Thank you venture, but I'm a founding member of ANB and that was not the reason I was banned from AAS nor was the reason any of the other staff at ANB were banned. I have a perfect trader rating on ASC as do the other staff members. This discussion has nothing to do with the issue at hand, but thanks for throwing shit on the fire.

back on subject

I just looked at Ddelz's sales threads and in a lot of them he says he's selling the guns for a friend which might be true but he didn't post the same ads on our boards so I'm very skeptical that he had them to begin with. The staff on ANB has been made aware of what's going on and as soon as I have proof that there has been fraud there will be action taken.
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