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this morning someone got on the ANB boards looking for Ddelz about a g36c that hadn't been sent. I thought this was jareyes looking for his 1911 money and so i came here and saw all these posts about other gun deals that I hadn't heard about and I'm shocked.

if any of you who have had gun deals with him and can send me proof that you've sent money and haven't received your gun then I promise there will be action taken. I can't say I can get your money back, but if this is true I can tell you he won't be playing in NB anymore. I'm going to go look for his sales threads now, I know which guns he had and which he didn't. I will however keep an open mind because I can't believe (at this point) he would do this sort of thing.

please pm me asap.

As for Leplan, he severed a year long ban and hasn't given us any trouble since.
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