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Originally Posted by Chesher View Post
I JUST got mine like 3 days ago, its solid, no creaks when I twisted the body, except from the front handle but its soo minor you can barely notice, Everyhtings in good shape and looks and feels solid, I got shot with it (My Mother was more than happy to do this for me :S) the other day, has a decent amount of power but I have yet to chrono it, Only thing I dont like is that they come with the HI Cap mags, that need to be removed to be wound up, which is a bitch, Id recommend getting some Mid caps rather than the Highcaps that it comes with, Id also recommend getting a Sight of some sort for the Triple rail as the Irons on it are a bit hard to look thorough, I haven't realy put too many shots out of it but Ill be gaming with it on the 12 for the zombie night in alberta, So Ill make another post with anything noteworthy or any problems that I find with it.

In the end Id recomend it f0r a first time gun, Its ambi so its good fora southpaw (Like myself) and its compact which is good for someone whos not the size of a football player
If it's stock CA it will be shooting around 315 FPS. IIRC all the P90 midcaps are also complete crap. It's one gun where people are almost forced to use standard mags

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