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I know its not on your list but did you consider the WE SCAR, I recently picked one up and Im quiet pleased with it. It comes in a CQC length however there is a screw on barrel extention avaliable and you can buy a longer inner barrel. It would a less expensive option and would allow you to have the versatility your seeking at a considerably smaller price tag (around 900ish for the gun, RA tech upgrade/Npas kit, Barrel extention, inner barrel) and the NPAS kit will allow you to fine tune the FPS to suit your setup.

In anycase welcome to airsoft Canada. I suggest you consider one thing. Hit up a local game in your area just to visit and talk with the guys running GBBR's and ask them polietly if they can explain some of the quirks and perhaps even allow you to handle them, if your nice and deport yourself in a positive manner most airsofters jump at the chance to talk shop.


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