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For the primary you're probably good with a SystemA PTW. The cylinder swapping makes it super easy to change speeds and it's less than 30 seconds to swap out. BUT they're pricey, expect $1800 for a PTW at minimum more if it includes real steel accessories (it's built to exact real steel specs).

GBBR, I don't know. It's probably good to get an NPAS kit or something to change the velocities or buy a separate upper receiver and swap that out.

As for GBB, TM is best but if you can't get it then the KSC isn't too bad either.

I personally have the KSC G19 and it's a nice little work horse for a secondary. I wouldn't game it as a primary without upgrades however out of the box it's great for a secondary weapon and works well in CQB if you're required to switch out (ie. a game involving in and outdoor environments and you're forced to switch to a secondary that shoots at CQB velocities when entering a building).
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