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Question Need some guidance

Hello everyone,
I'm new to airsoft and to the board as you can see by my post count

I'm looking to purchase some equipment to probably use mostly in CQB and possibly outdoors non-CQB (if that's the correct phrasing ) and have decided to go with a Glock G19 and an M4 GBB.

With all the different types and specs of M4 GBBs it gets confusing. What I want to achieve is:
-make it an all-around gun so I can use it in CQB and non-CQB by just swapping out parts back and forth depending on what I plan to play (if that's possible).
-be able to adjust the fps depending on what I'm playing and what is allowable.
-good accuracy
-solid all metal
-upgrades is endless (internally and externally)

I was looking at this model, WE AWSS GBB M4 CQBR CO2 Platform- WETTI/AFC Latest Version 4 with Steel outer barrel. Good? yes/no?

Any advice and guidance is greatly appreciated

Oh, if I'm not using the right terminology then excuse me


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