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infractions handed out (Percuvius got an automated ban for racking up sufficient frequent infractor miles) and thread cleaned.

@413xrocks200: As mentioned, don't try smuggling it into the country. You can either get rid of it in China, or if you want to try your luck instead of just dropping it in the trash bin BE SURE TO DECLARE TO CUSTOMS (it's not smuggling if you declare it, the worse that'll happen to you in that case is they'll confiscate it). It might also help if you know how hard the gun is shooting (with .20g BBs).

Disassembling it and mailing it is okay except for the restricted parts (receiver). Trying to mail that without properly declaring it is also smuggling.

Just in case you think the smuggling bit is a joke, or we're just trying to be asses, read this:

If there was a good, easy way for individuals to import stuff, we'd all be doing it; we're just trying to keep new people from getting into a shitload of trouble.
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