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I, like everyone else here will offer you this advice, Which has been tried and tested by many people and is known to be the only course that can promise you will not recieve the 'rubber glove' of doom from your customs when you fly back into canada.

Don't.. they have a good chance of stopping you and taking the gun from you..

this isn't the worst part, the worst part is the minutes-to-hours that it takes for them to prove to themselves that what you have brought in is not a gun. Unfortunatly this time will be spent with the RCMP being 'not very nice' to you and asking questions about why you're importing weapons of mass destruction and wish to maim children, and if you get irate with them you'll get the tazer

and when you smell that cologne of 'o-fried-hair' you'll be wishing you threw the person who sold it to you under a big bus, and listened to the wise people on this board..

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