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Originally Posted by FULLMETAL View Post
Thanks for the informations guys... now i have to think about my replica. Is possible to send my lower reciever by certified mail or DHL?? I have family in Montreal, and maybe i an send the loewr reciver part by part. I dont know... is just an a idea. Also i want to keep the m4 body. I have to read very well the "politics" about taking stuff to there.

No, as we explained above, receivers are the part which is prohibited from import. You can bring barrels, rails/handguards, stocks, flash hiders and internals; however receivers (upper or lower depending on the model -- in your case, an M4, it's the lower) and silencers cannot be imported (unless its clear plastic).

Hence the advice to bring only upgrades and modifications and buy the gun in Canada and re-modify it.

If you attempt to import it there's a very strong chance it will be seized.

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