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Originally Posted by Rugger_can View Post
Or just sell it and use the money to buy new stuff once he gets here.

It will be winter when he says he will get here, so this will give him the chance to shop around and find some off season deals.
It's not a smart idea to sell stuff there and buy new thing here, due to import tax and whatever shit it is, Most of the related airsoft stuff is turn to more expensive than other place even it's not restricted, I'm not even talking about shipping yet.

Again, try to get as much as thing possible from where ever you from and get whatever missing later on once you step your feet on the land of Canada.

Just a piece of idea, if you happen to have ICS M4A1 from Spain. I suggest not to sell it, bring them except lower body then you could sell them as part here to get another gun or try your luck to find a lower body here. That would make more money than you sell in Spain. The point is just only upper body alone, you can make almost 80 $ so far depend on condition.

That's just my two cents.

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