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Hello from Madrid Spain

Well ladies and gentleman, my name is Santiago I have started with this awesome sport like 1 year ago... Here in Sapin we have a lot of players, teams, variety of replicas BUT airsoft is not legal, also is not unlegal, there is no laws about airsoft replicas, but we have a lot of problems beacuase of that.

How about Canada?? Is airsoft legal there??

Im moving to Montreal or Quebec city cain of soon (like 6 in months) and i want to continue playng, but first i have 2 know about legality of this sport there.

Well my favorite replica is the M4 Ris and i have some ICS replicas with SYSTEMA upgrades, and EDGI barrel. Also i have to say i love milsim, some times I play CQB but we have a lot of great places for milsim here.

Sorry about my english buddies see you soon!!!
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