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Two words you should take to heart, OPSEC and "dox" don't be dropping your dox or you may see unfortunate things happening from people with malicious intent (ie. $700 worth of pizza to your doorstep is the least of your worries).

Also no, retailers cannot import special packages only what's available to them. You might be able to get someone to "custom order" for you however you need to be AV'ed (EDIT: Also, usually these custom orders come from established retailers in Asia and the US so you're pretty much SOL).

Honestly you sound like you're 15 or something and with the attitude you have I would say definitely less than 18. It may be fine and dandy that you play over there in Scotland and it's got a good community there but if you want to play in Canada you have to play by our rules.

Same as I do. I'm going to the UK next year and buying a gun and just selling it off when I leave, simple as that. I've already done my research (IRT the UKARA scheme and "skirmisher defense" in the VCRA) and everything is set. I suggest you do the same and take a pander through the FAQ section as well.
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