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He's referring to the fact that if someone was so inclined, they could easily look your father up via one of many military databases and give him a ring in London.... Do you think he'll be happy that you're name dropping him all over and talking about trying to smuggle replica firearms into the country under his name?

Or how you've posted a lot of info about him (most of it may be bs, but maybe not) his name and rank, where he is working, that he has "special training"... all good info for people who may have ulterior motives. In the military we are constantly harping on persec (personal security) and you are royally screwing your father over in this regard.

CBSA/RCMP etc also monitor these boards, and it's not a small stretch of the imagination that someone working for an agency like that could have your family flagged so when you come back in two years, bam your entire shipment is searched.

Stop posting about wanting to become prime minister to make airsoft legal and telling us that your daddy is an officer, and spend more time reading these boards and educating yourself about airsoft in Canada.

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