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Another Doa?

I've gotten my gun almost a month and a half ago, and still haven't even fired it yet.
The battery it came with got really boiling hot and sizzled when i charged it and couldn't even move the gears. (motor ran fine though)
I looked up the forums and saw that the battery is not good when that i bought another one. 9.6v 1600mah, old one was 8.4 1500 mah.

Same thing happens to this battery. the charger is new and a universal smart one. Do i have horrible luck or am i doing something wrong? i charge them on 0.9A.

Funny thing is, when i plugged the new battery in, the charger's light was blinking red. no where does it say it does that....

Really starting to get down. Any advice or is it really just my luck?
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