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Originally Posted by Stiggs View Post
What could help affect laws in our country concerning airsoft? That's a major question I have, as I someday intend to become prime minister or supreme court judge in the years down the road, so I'd be interested in seeing what could possibly be done now that might help airsoft as a sport in Canada. Also can any one give me an approximate cost of insurance for an airsoft group? Not a business level one, just a club sized one

You really want to help airsoft in canada politically? Play and enjoy yourself, be responsible, respectful and keep your mouth/dialingfinger/hand still/shut. Airsoft in Canada does not need a savior nor does it need a lobbyist.

Airsoft in Canada is vastly different then Airsoft in the UK. Take EX's advice the man knows his salt. Get here and play then worry about teams or even opening a field.

So once your here, get on out to a game and enjoy yourself.

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how old are you btw?
I asked myself out loud the same question when I heard the Prime minister statement.

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