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I hesitate to write this, as I don't want to come off as an ass; but seriously read your own posts back to yourself; you sound like the quintessential "millenial" Numerous persons who are in the know keep telling you that it's verboten to bring back an airsoft rifle; best to just let the matter die. Sell it there, mislabeling it and sticking it into your family's household goods could (on the off chance it's caught) cause problems for your father; it's his name on the shipping manifest, not yours.

Calling military personnel, who have nothing to do with your airsoft gun not being allowable to import is only going to piss off people and possibly have blowback on your father. I know that if I was manning the desk when your call came in , and I had to listen to someone going on about how "you should totally let me bring back my toys, even though CBSA says no. My Dad's a Lt Navy so it's all good." I wouldn't lift a finger, or worse case might get it in my mind to call your father and let him know that you're name dropping over a trivial and bullshit issue.

Your are not entitled to diddly squat in this situation, no matter how many "reasons why they should let me through".

On a positive note, you're coming back to Canada at a time when airsoft has picked up a bit in popularity, and no matter where you end up you shouldn't have a hard time finding a good community to players.

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