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Hey people, I'm John, born in Victoria BC, and I've lived in nearly( I'm pretty sure I've been living in all of them at least one point or another) every province in Canada, I come from a Military family, and I first got into airsoft while my family was posted to the US for a while, I started looking into it there but never started, we were then after posted to Scotland, where I became more interested in the sport, due to the fact that people told me it was extremely popular in Scotland. Unfortunately no one informed me it's most popular in eastern Scotland, not the west where I am. So I took it upon myself to start my own airsoft group, after two weeks of researching the details I bought 10 basic spring rifles at about 40 GBP each(they fire at 350 fps), and with my friends we started scrimming in the crags (rocky hill areas), after a while we wanted bigger and better guns, and larger more complex games, 3 months have passed since then, and alot changed, we now all use AEGs, specificly the PALCO FP8 XM8s, we got them at less than half the normal price due to them having manufacturing faults, and with the tech power of our two mechanical members, we discovered it was a simple bad connection that effected every single gun we purchased, they were promptly fixed all of yesterday, again not spending any money for new parts, and now they're better than ever. Next bit of business is becoming a registered airsoft field in the UK, we've got us a piece of land now with verbal permission to use it from the owners, and sometime this Friday, we'll hopefully have written permission, and then we'll have our insurance, and we've already got our own website under development.
Alot of progress for 3 months worth of scrimming. Now we go under the name V.A.L.O.R. maybe you'll hear about us if you ever scrim in the UK, but for now we're a group of buds just about to hit the big time. The only question I have now is, can I repeat it back home in Canada? long intro, my bad, but the past few days have been so good I just had to post it.
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