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Originally Posted by Rugger_can View Post
Yea... No.
I prefer the more effective method of asking them never to return to the field and informing other field owners of his/her behavior.
Mr. Rugger! Come now, do they really need to be banned? I hate the idea of unsportsman-like conduct on the field, but I just do the nice thing and aim for open skin. I like to call my hits after they didn't call theirs, tell them nice shot and all. Your right it gets my mates all uptight and stuffs, so we just make sure we get there numbers. In a single flag game last month my one buddy and I had a fellow who got our attention the week before all pinned down, and I started to sneak up close. I stabbed him and he turns about flailing his m14 180 degrees and blasted five rounds. "Did I hit you?" he says. "No, did I hit you?" I reply. "Uh, I felt something, is this your knife?" "Yes". The flag bearer comes up behind as I stab him with a side arm and has it pointed at the victum the whole time. He felt the stab and still turned around trying to flake it off! LMFAO
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