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I'm currently outside of Canada, so I wouldn't know how to get my age verified outside the country. I'll deffo do it after I'm back in Canada. As for buying airsoft guns in Canada, it'm AMAZED to see that airsoft guns cost WAYYYYYYYY more in Canada than they do here, and in the states the prices are even less! I assume that is because of the relatively small quantity of competition? Nice to know full metals are allowed, I read something on some other site selling guns in Canada saying it was made out of some Canadian government approved material? Maybe I mis-read it. On a similar note, is there any sort of legal issue with having an airsoft rifle that appears to be a real one? Here in the UK they paint guns bright colors(which makes it easier to get shot) unless you are registered with the UKARA. Clear guns are also included in that same bright colors category all of which are commonly referred to as IFs (imitation firearms).
I assume similar laws must affect Canadian airsoft as well? Otherwise why do they sell the clear guns?
Thanks for the help everyone

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