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[QUOTE=LoveMyStubby;1246398]At first yes....but again, mine has never been oiled, greased, cleaned, or had any parts replaced since I bought it around March of 09. Now it shoots consistently at 350 FPS QUOTE]

Hmmm, well the same story here except I need to get a chrony out, its my brothers gun though that he uses about once every two months for a game. So it may still be a bit higher than 350fps. Stock spring is a clone pos though for certain!!

Oh ya I needed a torks screw driver (star shape) to get into the mech-box, so you should have a set with you when you start to tinker. Also anti-revers latch is super easy to put in, assemble with the latch spring in place but not set on the latch (holding it in place) then pop it onto the latch once assembly is finished.
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