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If anyone on this sight knowingly goes to I suggest they keep that to them self. Its bad enough when a fishy business like this or shootsoft starts getting plugs from known members, soon enough though we'll have all those who circumvent the system talking about US or HK sights that will mail you misslabled guns!

Hell I am not AV'd and I know well enough that I need it! I made the mistake of not doing any research before purchase (didn't even know ASC) and had friends do the same. A local shop has treated us all pretty well (now that our clones that cost $500 are fixed) and we are constant customers for them, but I know the business cannot handle online sales in mass. I wont say go to them when I know ASC wont have to wait for stock or be 500 km away from you when it breaks down.
ASC will work for you if you treat it right. I have seen many people get used weapons and post about a problem then watched as users/gundocs and the seller listed its entire history and the best guy to take a look at it.
Take that buycrapsoft!
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