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Originally Posted by Stiggs View Post
Apparently the CFSU guy phoned up the moving company, and the moving company said they can take spring airsoft guns, just not gas ones because the gas might explode during the transport. From the sounds of it it'll go fine. But again, thanks for the quick reply.

I'd also like to note that this is a full metal gun that pumps out at 450 fps I'm referring to, it seems there might be some problem with it being metal from what little I've read so far. Are metal frame airsoft guns illegal in Canada?
In that case, it's fine to take gas pistols just make sure there is nothing in the mags that might explode (ie. fire until dry and use dump valves to ensure no gas in the mags). You can always buy "green gas" (AKA Propane) and an adaptor here in Canada.

Also metal bodies are no more illegal than black plastic ones. It's a misconception that most newbies have.

Also keep in mind that most of the field limits here in Canada dictate 400 FPS (~1.41 Joules) MAX for full auto guns (some going up to 425 or 450 such as in the prairies). So you will need to get a downgrade spring. I suggest something like a Modify S110+ spring. For CQB it's 350 and below with some dictating 330 (~1 Joule). Note all FPS values given using .20 gr., joule values given as well as it's not velocity that matters rather it's the amount of energy put into the BB.

PS: Work on getting verified and you can get access to the AV only section as well as the classifieds if you and your father want to join in on a game. AV is not required to attend games rather it's if you want to find more selection of guns ranging from new to used, LNIB to fixer and anything in between (as well as a wider selection of brands and models with various upgrades and accessories).
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