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I chalk it up to the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. Ie. it's legal to have an airsoft gun in Canada however importation is tricky and according to CBSA is not allowed (I'm referring to full black ones (spring or gas) not the clear ones that Walmart/CT sells).

Being mil you might be able to expect less problems if it's all done internally in the military. I guess the MP's or someone would act as customs and inspect your stuff for entry however for the most part airsoft guns are prohibited for entry according to the CBSA (doesn't matter gas or spring). So if at any point it passes through the CBSA then it's probably going to get taken.

Just don't ask how they get into Canada, they just seem to appear randomly it's probably magic or something :wink: :wink: . Either that or they're "prototypes from 1998" (when there was a law that was passed banning certain airsoft that fit certain definitions) and have been grandfathered in or sometimes they are classifieds as uncontrolled firearms much like pellet guns that fire .177 cal at 495 FPS. That uhhh 2008 SystemA PTW you see? yeah.... totally imported before 1998, it was an early prototype...
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