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I am sorry guys, but yeaht it is possible to lower the FPS, maybe about 10 FPS but when the battery is that low it is virtually not gamable. I will explain myself:

I changed the spring on my AK105 recently (from an S90 to S100) I put a supposedly brand new battery (that I though was fully charged)...When I tried the gun, the rate of fire was really slow and the gun was constantly semi locking (had to swith to full auto alot). I chronied the gun and I was constantly at 350 FPS.

So I decided to charge the battery and yes it was the problem and when I chronied my gun again with the full rate of fire of a 9.6V, I was constantly at 360 FPS. So I got a 10 FPS drop because of the battery being weaker...but then again I would have never gamed my gun like that.

So is it possible...YES... is it practical...NO!

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