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I placed an order with Red Wolf Airsoft couple months ago that was also about $200 worths of parts including pistol gaz magazine and the mailman showed up and I never paid any custom fees at all.

As a matter of fact I never paid customs a single time for any ordered shipped (no matter what the price is) via Hong Kong Post being regular Airmail or EMS. Count in that at least 25 transactions with a couple of them costing around $200.

I paid once $70 worth of fees/taxes with an order from the US because I had ordered it through UPS, that was the very first order that I placed when I started paintball 3 years ago and that was the first and last time that I was not dealing with only either USPS or Hong Kong Post.

If you want to save on customs (that it is at your own risk if the package is lost or damaged though) you can reduce the total value of the package. Usually I go half the price (you can go even lower if you want). So on an order that's worth 200$ and they declare only 100$ for your package the custom agent has no clue whatsoever that some internal airsoft parts and some mags could cost more than 100$. And from my own experience the risk of having a lost/damaged package when you have a tracking number is extremely low.

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