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I just received my Redwolf order after waiting for Canada Post to get their heads out of their asses and deliver my damn parcel already (one month wait from the time it arrived in Vancouver, BC and got stashed away in some CP warehouse before ever seeing CBSA on the 27th, practically a month after it had arrived in town, lol).

Shipped EMS, $200.24 CAD worth of stuff in there. Duty charged was 3.5% which translated to $7.01 (customs guy classified my stuff upon opening as "guns/air less than 500 fps - I'm pretty sure that's not right, but I'm not sure fighting over $7 worth of duties is worth it; might have been a WA 2011 mag that threw him for a loop? That's about all that looked remotely like a gun part). GST/HST column reads $10.36 (ew HST). PST reads $14.51. $8.00 handling fee. Amount charged upon picking up my parcel was $39.88.
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