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Originally Posted by Diffusion View Post
I was about to place an order from RedWolf until my friend had told me about the canadian importation taxes and duties. He wasn't sure what percentage they charge. I've tried the canadian government site and other sources however I too cannot find the rates. I was hoping someone here could tell me either from knowledge or personal experience how much someone would get charged for something like this. If it makes a difference the order is around $600
Welcome to Airsoft Canada.

Just a few questions.

1. Are you importing guns?

2. With whom are they shipping with?

If the answer to question 1 is anything but no, then cancel your order or simply don't place it and take a few minutes to peruse the faq area of airsoft canada and read about our importation laws. Sufficed to say if you attempt to import guns into Canada they will in all likely hood be seized.

As for customs charges that varies depending on what you purchased and who is shipping it (and to some extent where its coming from and where it was manufactured). As 600 dollars in Marbles will cost a different amount then 600 dollars in clothes. And 600 dollars in clothes shipped with UPS will have different customs fees compared to 600 dollars in clothes shipped with Fedex. It also depends on the specific shipping option as some will include brokerage in the shipping fee's.

for more information about customs tariffs check out


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