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Originally Posted by Ripperman79 View Post
A freind of mine bought one of these, feels and looks great but it's really shit I disaprove unless you know enough to upgrade it have plenty of time and extra energy you'll need to put into it.
You can really tell when an item is one third the cost of the regular models how much you should expect from it. And in my experience the expectations I had for this gun were blown out of the water when I tested it out. After I got it it had to have the motor reseated but I opened the mech-box and shimed it correctly just to inspect and found the same parts as the OP. Having it come with a 6.04 tight/narrow barrel is really nice, and the thing loves .28 bbs to punch through brush.

In close I completely disagree with Ripperman79 in every aspect. The gun feels decent for plastic parts and the SIR is a made of plastic with metal parts. The internals are great for beginners and veterans that don't expect G&P or even G&G workmanship. Buy it if its under $300 and keep it for renting out and you can easily make your money back!
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