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Originally Posted by black-reaper View Post
Hello I am a new gar on your forum I would like to know how to make retort(replica) of the foreigner(foreign countries) come because I vien settle down in Canada this beautiful country
Thus I would like to know how to make them come without making them to me seize by the customs and I would like not to lose certain toy which me its dear(expensive) especially who one make of beautiful out and who one to leave memory(souvenir) has certain person me of it veule which has cause of head shot
Thus Voila I would like to know how to send them at home
Ok I'm a bit retarded today from too much sun exposure while fishing yesterday, if you want you rquestion answered you need the following done first:

A)You need to translate all that you just wrote into proper English or French, there are ,members here that are fluent in French
B)If your question is about importation into Canada please read the available info in our FAQ (frequently asked question)

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