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Originally Posted by Mr. G36! View Post
Hey, fellow ASCers! In my quest to bring you all the most state-of-the-art equipment and jazz of that nature, well...yeah, I totally fail. However, in my quest to bring you the lowest quality of utter crap, I present to you all "Project Gun-Cam!"

See, I've always wanted to film a game, but it's so hard to plan and execute. Obviously, having a hands-free camera on you is the best way to go, and the best way to go about doing it is to use one of those fancy-schmancy helmet-cams. However, with a price-tag of $350+, I came up with my own a price of $0.73!

As you can see, all I did was take a standard armalite carry handle, and attach a regular old digital camera to it via the mounting hole for the ACOG. I used a simple screw, two nylon washers to keep it from sliding through the hole itself, and a rubber washer to keep the camera in place.

It's kinda obnoxious, but considering that I envisioned this about two hours ago, I think it's coming along! Of course, the quality won't be as nice as one of those $350 HD helmet-cams, but it'll get the job done. It's decent, and it has pretty good sound quality on it for a simple digital camera.

Above: Gun-Cam from operator's perspective.
Below: Gun-Cam's perspective

Anyway, being that the camera is a nice silvery-gray that just shouts out "Hey, I'm right here, you assholes!" I needed to do something about that. The answer, of course, is the handy man's secret weapon: Duct Tape;

Basically, I used layers of Real-Tree-patterned duct tape to make a sort of jacket for the camera. It's got at least two layers of tape on any given area, minus holes that I've cut out for the lens, display, and controls, and it easily slides on and off; I'll probably just use an elastic band to secure it to the camera further. As of yet, it's not padded or anything, but I'm far from finished. What still needs to be done is padding to protect the camera itself, and I'll have to devise a way of actually protecting the lens itself while still allowing it to see. What I'm thinking is that I can make a tube for the lenses to extend into, and incorporate some kind of clear, hardened protective lens cover. Even if it won't actually stop a BB, if it'll just slow it enough to not cause any real damage, it's all good. And I know that the risk of my camera breaking is very real, and I knew that before I even started this, so if it happens, it won't be a huge shock.

Anyway, as of now, that's where I am. Just figured I'd post this, as I'm sure some people will get a good kick out of this budget POS set-up, ha ha!

Been there, done that....same idea...not practical...broke the second game.
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If you were trying to insert a magazine into another magazine then I guess that would be indeed ghey. Inserting a magazine in a magwell seems rather hetero to me. The tape is merely metro, calling it ghey is rather absurd and makes it hard for the metro magazines to socialize with other magazines.
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