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Prelude, POST THIS IN NEWBIE TANK or prepared to be flamed.

1) Yes, even full blacks are, read Memoradium D-19, Criminal Code Section 2, Firearms Act

2) Depends on where you live, fill out your profile, if you live in Cottage, then its probably fine. If you live in nosy neighborhood or a extreme anti-gun community, don't. Our suggestion would still be at a game, basement or garage where its out of view.

3) No clue what you're asking, AFAIK Charter of Rights and Freedom does not forbid you from joining his "wargame" what ever that is, (I'm guessing you're talking skirmishes)

NOTE: ASC is not the LAW, we rule by MORALITY mostly, ASC is not all airsoft in Canada.

I seriously doubt you "read thru the forum" because you wouldn't post in General for newbie stuff.
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