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Thanks for the info. the Crux of the matter is this.

A. This was sent to my Office ( I have no clue what Postal Outlet to go to)
B. I see the CP Guy every day
C. My regular Guy is on holidays
D. They now haven't delivered mail to my office for 2 days
E. They have admitted to me there is a problem but no one from the distribution station will contact me.

I have been ordering stuff for years. My shit usually makes it. Lately though I have had a slew of issues with stuff and CP. They completely lost an Order I had coming from the states. Luckily I got a refund on that one. I called CP on Friday at 3:30 Pm Told her the mail had not come to my office for 2 days, she took some notes..25 minutes later a guy in a Nissan Pickup truck delivered my offices mail but no package for me. Weird.

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