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Originally Posted by Brokenwings View Post
That's what i understood too. I guess the guy he soled it too got mad pissed.
You dont have to be mad pissed to resolve an issue Amicably. Sometimes, shit happens, its what that person does after the problem arises that is an indicator of his character.

Ripanu1 made a transaction that to his knowledge as a seller was correct. Unfortuntely he was given misinformation from the source of that part and advertised it as such. Once the transaction was completed, it was discovered that it in fact was not the product that was advertised.

I dont see him at fault, but nevertheless as the seller it is his responsibility and resolved the issue quickly and expediently. Hes got cudos for that in my books.

I dont know or care about how ripanu1 runs his business, I assume he posted this because he felt bad and wanted to make reperands. I do not think it was necessary, but that was his choice and I see no reason to question his business practices over this.

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