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Originally Posted by LastSpartan View Post

It supposedly gives you better control over the broomstick way of holding it.

I think I watch Magpul Dynamics too much
You think you watch it too much? lol... trying having it playing when ur sleeping for that extra "mental absorption" value. That's what I do.


But all jokes aside even the standard grips are just a reference of where you should hold the front barrel of the rifle. I think from firing real rifles, you would come to learn what the instructors in those Magpul videos say - to hold grip closer to the top, and not holding it like a broom handle.

But since this is airsoft, and there's no recoil, so I don't think it makes any difference except for personal preference. For myself, I have ye-standard styled grip and the Magpul PTS angled grip. I like both, both works. But just both gives different vibes to your rifle aesthetically.
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